A Comparison Between the Different Kinds of Vaping Modules

A Vaporizer mod, sometimes called a Vaporizer, is an accessory that allows you to make your own customized e-juices and vapors. In some ways, these are very much like the original mods that came with the original Vaping equipment. I say ‘mod’ because it really is a mod. What is essentially a mod is one that is made to fit your specific model and brand of personal vaporizer or e-juice. So if you own a Sony PlayStation, a Panasonic digital camera or an iPhone, chances are you own a vaporizer or two!

Mod kits, as far as we know, first became popular with the release of the iPhone. The iPhone Vaporizer allowed users to make their own custom e-juice using pre-filled juices, with the assistance of a Vaporizer mod. Vapes do what they say on the tin they change the vapor experience. Over time, however, the word ‘mod’ has morphed into just generally referring to any smoking apparatus that utilizes pre-filled juices. So, an experienced vaper would refer to his or her entire vaporizer set as a ‘mod’ and would take it wherever they go.

A lot of people think a Vape mod is a replacement for the tanks that come standard with most vaporizers, but the tanks in question are just accessories. So, is the Vape as good as the tanks? That depends. There are plenty of Vaporizer reviews online that will help you make the best choice for you!

One major difference between a regular E-liquid bottle and a Vape Mod is the size of the tank. With a normal e-liquid bottle, the liquids are stored in a cylindrical shape, much like a soda bottle. The reason for this is to allow for easy leaking. With a Vape, liquids are stored in their own little chambers, which is something we all enjoy. This means there’s no leaking unless you’re going for a leaky mess, but you can still have a bit of leaky fun with these little guys. Most Vaporizers require at least a six-inch bowl, while some only need a five-inch bowl.

When it comes to vapor production, there are three main types of vapor production systems in the market: Bottom, Top, and Side Driven. The bottom dripped style is the lowest output and produces the lowest percentage of vapor. While it’s the least efficient of the three, it’s the most popular amongst users. Many consider the bottom dripping vaporizers the easiest to use.

Since the only real difference between a regular E-liquid, and a vaporizer, are that it can’t be used with an inhaler, we’ll move on to a comparison of them. Both styles produce the same amount of vapor. One just has a slightly higher percentage of vapor than the other. We’ll compare them here to help you decide which style of vaporizer is best for you.

If you’re using a single E-liquid cartridge, and have never used a mod before, then it would be best to start off with the bottom dripping type of vaporizer. The reason being is because, if you’re not familiar with this type of apparatus, it can be quite a learning experience. It also takes a while to get used to the way it works. Because of this, many vapers who are new to the whole thing, will usually start off using the bottom dripping type of devices. Also, if you’re a true vapor master and dabble in different flavors, then the side Driven Vaporizers may prove to be the best choice for you.

Next, we’ll take a look at the temperature control. All vapes come with temperature control – the ability to set the temperature of your liquid to your liking. Most of these devices however, will allow you to go up to a certain temperature and then can regulate the temperature in real-time. This makes it easier for you to make the wicks burn out and provides you with more control over how your e-liquids turn out. Most Vape mods allow you to do both, with the sub-ohm and larger batteries, providing you with more options when deciding on which temperature control to go with.